Stalling The More Permanent Future Pandemic We Still Can Prevent

You’re a tourist visiting India for the first time. You’ve had a great time so far, chatting with the locals and building a great relationship, trying new food, and visiting landmark tourist destinations that’ve been on your bucket list for quite some time. You get back to your cottage in…

Ok. So 2020 wasn’t what we all expected it to be….

Many of my new year's resolutions/goals from last year involved traveling to different countries to spend time in nature and attending my favorite conferences in person. I couldn’t make those happen, but I’m still happy with the way that…

An attempt at answering humanity’s (arguably) most important question through the lens of a 17th-century philosopher

An Introduction to the Classic Descartes Story

What if everything that you’re seeing in front of you is completely false? Sounds absurd, but the truth is, there’s no way to deny it. You could be dreaming, or maybe we’re in some sort of simulation where we’re being programmed to think in certain ways. Again — these thoughts…

Let’s decipher the black box — A Simple Explanation to Force Field functions like CHARMM, programs like Rosetta, and cutting-edge Deep Learning Algorithms

If you thought about each of our cells like a miniature city, our proteins would play every role from transportation to housing, from banking to agriculture. They have complex three-dimensional structures and they do pretty much everything in our cells. I’d argue that our proteins should receive more attention than…

Mukundh Murthy

Innovator passionate about the intersection between structural biology, machine learning, and chemiinformatics. Currently @ 99andbeyond.

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