Finding a Cure for Humanity’s Worst Nightmare — the Novel Coronavirus

A New Global Epidemic

The Coronavirus Timeline

Options for Therapeutics

  • Gene Editing: Using CRISPR Cas9 or other base editors to remove or modify genes.
  • Gene Therapy: Using silencing RNAs called miRNAs/siRNAs to mark genes for degradation.
  • 3-chymotrypsin-like protease and papain-like protease: These are both enzymes in viruses that break down proteins.
  • Helicase: These proteins play a key role in separating priming strands of RNA for transcription and subsequent translation into a product.
  • RNA-dependent RNA polymerase: These proteins transcribe RNA from a pre-existing RNA template.
SARS and MERS papain-like proteases (left and right respectively). Note the similarities in three dimensional structures and conformations
Visual Showing the two protein structures (SARS papain-like protease and MERS papain-like protease) superimposed in PyMol (red=helices, yellow=pleated sheets, and green=loops)



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Mukundh Murthy

Innovator passionate about the intersection between structural biology, machine learning, and chemiinformatics. Currently @ 99andbeyond.