Reflections from 2020

Top reflection topics from 2020

  1. Consistency over intensity — How to set better goals
  2. Live life in the present
  3. The small things matter
  4. Why is gratitude hard?
  5. Am I really an introvert?
  6. My experience with college essays
  7. “Innocence” is nothing less than a superpower

Some highlights from 2020 — not in any particular order

  • Attending the Harvard-Stanford Drug Symposium. (Summary Twitter thread)
  • Consulting for a childcare provider in Kenya (Kidogo)
  • Doing a short but sweet podcasting experiment with a friend (got to interview people from the Doudna lab and Steven ten holder, founder at Acorn Biolabs)
  • Joining a community called Biodojo. Meeting other passionate undergraduate students and high schoolers working in areas from stem cells to gene editing to cheminformatics. Leading two brainpods — one on protein engineering and the other on Alphafold 2.0.
  • Giving talks at BostInno and General Assembly
  • Going from 0 to 1 with my Twitter network.
  • Binging Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations
  • Spending real quality time with my family (not just binging movies with my family, as my younger self would have thought is quality family time) in our last Christmas before I leave home.



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