No prior knowledge required — just common sense and a brain

“Any fool can make something complicated.”

The SVD of an mxn matrix A with real values is a factorization of A as U∑V^T, where U is an mxm…

Stalling The More Permanent Future Pandemic We Still Can Prevent

Top reflection topics from 2020

  1. Consistency over intensity — How to set better goals
  2. Live life in the present
  3. The small things matter
  4. Why…

Regina Barzilay — MIT

An attempt at answering humanity’s (arguably) most important question through the lens of a 17th-century philosopher

An Introduction to the Classic Descartes Story

On Eternal Recurrence, Dimorphism, and Superhumans

  1. We don’t understand the main mechanism of the disease (the pathways involved in misfolded amyloid accumulation). That means that when we choose a target, we’re not entirely sure if it is ‘druggable’ — that is — whether it will have the effect that we intend it to have.
  2. We don’t entirely understand the relationship between small molecule structure and physiological properties and side effects.

Stealing the most rewards 👀🏆 using reinforcement learning


Get an Intuition for the Difference between SGD vs RMSprop vs Adam optimizers

Smooth loss landscape visualization. Credit —

Let’s decipher the black box — A Simple Explanation to Force Field functions like CHARMM, programs like Rosetta, and cutting-edge Deep Learning Algorithms

Mukundh Murthy

Innovator passionate about the intersection between structural biology, machine learning, and chemiinformatics. Currently @ 99andbeyond.

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